Stevie Jewel Memory Lane

By Don Graham

Stevie Jewel, the pride of the Muskokas and the protégé of Nashville, Tennessee is poised to take her rightful place on the country music airwaves with the release of her debut country single “ Memory Lane.” The record was just released to radio and has all the elements needed to get a lot of spins; great vocal performance, well written song and clear, crisp production.

Which is what we would expect from someone with Stevie’s pedigree.She is anHonor’s student and yearly Dean’s List recipient in the songwriting program at Nashville’s Belmont University. “I love it there and get so much inspiration and motivation from these incredible courses and instructors. What a super learning experience being taught by people who have actually done what I’m striving to do. They have walked the walk.” Stevie is also a graduate of the Las Vegas Academy for the Performing Arts, has attended the Atlanta Music Academy and has worked with Sherisse Stevens of the Royal Conservatory of Canada.

Under the direction of Cheryl Wilson, the owner of the Nashville based Crown 26, Stevie is off to the CCMAs in Halifax in September where she will being performing at two prestigious showcases. On Thursday, September 10th, she will kick off the annual Diamonds in the Rough Showcase put on by Angie Morris at The Delta Halifaxand on Friday, Septenber 11th at Anya Wilson’s Showcase Artists on Board at the Lower Deck on Upper Water Street in Halifax. “I love to perform, getting to do my songs in front of a live audience is my favourite part of the whole process. It’s a rush to get to share my songs with people and see the immediate reaction on their faces. Can’t beat it.”

And following that in October, Stevie and her team will launch a radio tour to promote the single “Memory Lane.” This is something Jewel is really looking forward to. “I can’t wait to go and visit the radio stations and meet all the folks out there on this tour. “It gives Stevie a chance to communicate with her fans which she clearly loves to do as attestedto by her 17,000 Twitter followers and she is constantly creatingnew content for her YouTube audience who have viewed her videos over 800,000 times.

So country radio and country fans get ready for the next shining star in your sky, Stevie Jewel.  She is ready to become the new Jewel in the crown of country music.