Short and Sweet

I discovered Short and Sweet Bakeshop on instagram because of their highly photographed treats, so naturally while I was in Toronto last weekend, I hunted the location down to sample some sweets for myself.  

First off, the little shop on Yonge is adorable, and secondly the staff was super friendly.  The treats in the display case looked good, but I was there for the mammoth milkshakes I had been insta-dreaming of since our first digital encounter.  I initially ordered the “hot wet canadian summer” milkshake and the “Dr. Strange” ice cream sandwich, and what I think is called a “monster bar".  

Somehow my order got mixed up and I ended up with the milkshake and the bar, but it turned out for the best because that in itself was enough sugar for an entire weekend.  I did witness the “Dr. Strange” make an appearance, and I kid you not, it was the size of my face, so I didn’t feel bad about the mix up given the gargantuan size of that ice cream sandwich and that I would have been responsible for eating it.

 The milkshake is like a liquid smores; absolutely delicious, and the monster bar is a combination of over 10 different cookies, so for a cookie lover it was heavenly.  All in all, I can’t wait to go back for another round of sweet treats!