Garnier's New Triple Nutrition

I recently started working with Garnier to talk about their new super fruits super hair collection.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, obviously I know who Garnier is, but I’d only tried their products a handful of times over my years of haircare.

 I loved the samples they sent me as a preview of the new collection, which you can read about here.  When this new shampoo they unveiled arrived, I loved the consideration of hair health, not just pretty packaging.  However, what the product does and how it performs is more important than anything else.  The first thing I loved about the new Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner set is the smell!  I’ve always loved a really delicious shampoo scent, but it never seems to stay in my hair past the shower, that is not the case with Triple Nutrition. I smell it on my hair and catch the scent when I’m going about my day and it smells fantastic; a combination of fruity goodness with a warm vanilla-esque finish.

 The best part is how it makes my hair feel and look, I have long hair with body and this doesn’t weigh it down but it does give it a look of thickness that I love.  

I’ve been adding the serum that goes with the line in before I style my hair and it gives my hair quite a bit of shine and adds to the lasting power of the scent.  So far I’m really loving partnering with Garnier on this new super fruits collection!