I dreamed about Monaco and what it would be like to visit. After riding through France from Paris and having seen lavender fields, and free roaming herds of cattle, and pink trees that I’m still trying to find a name for, I was so excited to experience Monaco.

 Arriving on the train I felt like Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl when she’s finally a Ziegfeld girl.  The train station alone set the tone for what our time in Monaco would be like, it was beautifully designed, had an incredible view, and was so clean!  

Monaco is so small that we were able to walk from the train to the hotel.  The architecture, the atmosphere, everything was so inspiring!  Once we arrived at Hotel Metropole we were enchanted with how lovely it was, and the bar downstairs had some of the most creative drinks.

We Strolled around on our first afternoon and took in the views and some excellent food at Brasserie le Cafe de Paris.