Guide to 14 hours in Paris


I love Paris.  It’s such a beautiful city with so much history.  On this trip Paris was a stop over between Dublin and Monaco but we packed as much into 14 hours as we possibly could, so I’m going to share our itinerary so you can get the most out of Paris as well. 



We stayed within walking distance of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel tower so that we could see both fairly easily and walk around the areas that we enjoy the most, including strolling on the Champs-Elysees.  


It’s not right to go to Paris and not try as many of their pastries as possible.  Everything we had was unbelievably delicious especially the Drop from a La Petite Marquis.


We also explored the area around the Louvre, which was a haven for all the french designers; well known and obscure.  We’ve visited the Louvre before which is why we didn’t go this time, and I would suggest choosing specific pieces you want to see before going because you really could spend multiple days inside the Louvre taking in all the artwork.  If you have a passion for fashion you can stroll the entirety of Rue Saint Honore and indulge in the finest haute couture houses known to man.


We went on a riverboat cruise down the Siene and while we’ve done the bus tours before this river cruise was a real treat.  Tons of information, seeing the whole city by water, and getting a new perspective on the famous and infamous locations around Paris, such as Notre Dame.


We went to one of our favorite spots for dinner the roundabout adjacent to the Eiffel tower across the river.  There are several great restaurants in this vicinity and Cafe Le Malakoff is one of the best for people watching, enjoying the view, and sampling excellent french cuisine.


The next morning we boarded the train for Monaco and waved Paris farewell for now!