Long Full Perfect Lashes In 3 Steps



There is one beauty question I get asked almost every day by random people; relatives, friends, strangers…”Are those your lashes?!”  I’m not joking, almost every single day someone asks.  So today, after a lot of people asking, I’m finally ready to share one of my biggest beauty secrets with you.  My lashes are nice, but having worked in the entertainment industry for years, I felt what big, full, voluminous lashes were introduced to me at a MAC Makeup counter.  I’ve come a long way since then and today I get compliments right and left, and now you can too.


Ardell Individuals are my secret weapon. If you want to wake up with lashes like these



Follow these steps:

  1. Remove eye makeup
  2. Use a small amount of glue on the tip of the lash
  3. Repeat on each individual until your lashes are as full as you want them

It’s really that simple.  So now that you know my secret, share it around, because everyone deserves to wake up with beautiful lashes.