This year I decided to try and be much more conscious of my impact on the environment, and to try and reuse a much as I could.  I asked my mum about dyeing fabrics because she knows all about sewing, materials, and what you can and cannot do.  She walked my through how to dye one sweater and then I was off and running!  It was so easy that I’m excited to share it with you, so you can update any pieces from your wardrobe that you love, but that maybe need to be updated.


  1. Boil water in a pot you don’t care about getting dye in, and one you won’t use to cook in ever again.
  2. Add dye and keep it close to boiling, then add clothing
  3. Submerge clothing completely and continue stirring for at least 40 minutes
  4. This step was crucial for locking in the color in my experience; turn off the stove let it cool all the way down
  5. Pour water out carefully down a drain in a laundry room sink or stainless steel sink, or drain in the basement or garage, IT WILL STAIN SOME SURFACES, SO BE SURE ABOUT THIS BEFORE POURING OUT.
  6. Wash clothing in washing machine on warm/cold setting
  7. Run washing machine with soap on empty to remove any excess dye
  8. Love your like-new garment!


What’s something new you’ve tried for 2017?