Break Through

A recent experience made me realize that I’ve never talked about setbacks in a post before, and because that can be such a big part of the entertainment industry, it’s something I feel has to be addressed.  We’ve all seen the videos of successful people receiving awards encouraging others to persevere and not to give up just because the going gets tough, but it’s a different experience entirely when you’re standing face to face with someone telling you, “sorry, your songs not good enough” or “we’ve decided to go in a different direction”, “you’re just not the right fit”, or some other variation of a let down.  Some are more cruel than this, a la Simon Cowell, and some are more constructive, but it doesn’t get easier to hear.  Sometimes it’s merely a project that doesn’t work out because the partnership isn’t a good fit.  Other times it’s a crushing disappointment and makes you wonder how you can keep going…and then you realize it’s sheer will and a love for what you’re doing that is the light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s the feeling of joy you get for pursuing your passion, for trying to make what you love a career, for every second you get to stand in your glory and feel that overwhelming feeling of “rightness” that you feel when you’re living your truth.  So, after a setback here’s what you’ve got to do:


  1. Remind yourself that it’s just one opinion
  2. Take time to make yourself better, so that the next time you cross paths with that person you won’t care what they say because you’ve grown as an artist
  3. Remember that art is subjective and that no one has a final say
  4. There are a million other opportunities out there, this was just one of them
  5. Success is tasted by those who don’t give up, the only way to succeed is to not quit.