Just Chil

My friend who introduced to some of the great local places to dine in London also recommended this frozen yogurt gem.  Chil is a small dessert shop near the universities in London Ontario.  This place was presented to me with a lot of hype, so my expectation were high…and it didn’t disappoint!  I can’t eat dairy on the days that I sing, so I had to time my visit carefully, but this place was magical.  I was told it was a frozen yogurt shop with greek yogurt as the base flavor for everything, along with some vegan options.  The outside wasn’t anything remarkable, but the inside! It was so cute and the flavors were impressive, especially the super fruit and the original greek yogurt.  They boast the largest available toppings of any frozen yogurt shop in Canada, and they don’t disappoint.  They have everything from apple pie to golden oreos to warm white chocolate sauce and everything in between.