Branson Landing

On June 17, I was asked to perform at the 10 year anniversary of the Branson Landing in Branson Missouri which was such an honor! My entire band and I drove over to Branson on the morning of the 17th, and 7 hours in a band with other musicians is always a good time, typically with many jokes, laughter, and stories being shared.  We sound checked, found out the stage was right by the river (super cool!) and then had just enough time to change for the show!  About 3 songs in the sound cut out due to technical difficulties and a circuit being overloaded, but I went out into the audience to play, just me and my guitar, which was such a fun experience! It was like playing an intimate acoustic sent in the middle of my full band southern rock set! After they got the sound working again we finished out our set, and then got to explore Branson Landing.  The weather was great, my band was awesome (as usual), and the audience was so much fun to play for!  Here are some photos by Roberto Cerini from the show and some behind the scenes photos by my photographer!