Wanderers and Warriors

When I’m touring and promoting my music I get to meet the coolest people and whether they are fellow artists or fans, I love the opportunity to connect with like minded people.  I recently discovered the brand Wanderers and Warriors on Instagram and as soon as I found out they had a love of traveling too, I wanted to know more. The brand, which is based out of Peterborough England, is run by two entrepreneurs who were inspired and fueled by a love of travel, something I also happen to love! So when I had the chance to partner with them to share their clothing collection it seemed like a very natural fit. This shirt has quickly become one of my favorites, and not just because it’s so comfortable, but because I love the message.  We should all consider the world our playground and explore it as much as we possibly can.  Check out all of their clothing at www.wanderersandwarriors.com