Montreal's Best Shops

I’m a fan of fashion, there is no denying that.  And I love pieces that are chic and versatile.  If I can wear it day-to-night, with a dress and jeans, and looks as chic in the airport as in an interview, chances are I’m going to want it.  While exploring Montreal I definitely got the vibe that the people of this city shared my love of versatility in their wardrobe choices.  My experience of Montreal indicated that it was a very pedestrian city, and that was reflected in the fashion.  I found a beautiful Rudsak, a Montreal based designer, jacket in a vintage shop and loved it so much I brought it home with me!  What cities have you been to that you really appreciate the local style and fashion of?


This shop was super cute and had a mix of designers, a lot of the pieces were quite expensive but they did have a fair mix of price points.  There was a great casual jewelry section as well as a couple local designer pieces I noticed.


This was the store where I found my Rudsak jacket that I'm now obsessed with!  A great collection of carefully selected vintage pieces at great prices.



This store had such a great selection of homewares and gifts, it was the perfect spot to find a gift to bring back to a friend!  The design was so beautiful I found myself just wanting to hangout in here!

Boucle and Papier

I'm a sucker for paper supply stores.  I love new notebooks, pens, colored pencils, and all the trinkets of stationary stores.  This store was small and had a great collection of trendy but useful items.