Chicago's Best Donuts

It’s no secret that when I travel I love to explore new places, and especially to try new foods! I had the opportunity to visit Chicago for the first time, and I was so excited, because I’ve heard so many great things about the city.  From the architecture to the dishes, Chicago did not disappoint!  While in the windy city I had the opportunity to compare one of my favorite sweet treats; donuts!  So here are the three I tried and my favorite of my visit to Chicago!



     I just stumbled into this place a couple hours after arriving.  It looked so cool on the outside that I just had to try it out, and luckily I got in before the line got really long!  These donuts are very classic as far as donuts go, but the one stand out in my opinion was the Malted Milk Ball! It’s small so it’s not overwhelming but it packs a lot of flavor.  It has a chocolate frosting top and then a cream filling, perfect for an afternoon pick me up!


Stan’s Donuts

I loved the shop!  It was bright and fresh, with a very clean design.  I had heard about Stan’s before so I knew I had to at least try their Donut Cake Shake, which was amazing!  I also sampled a few flavors and my favorite was the Strawberry Bismarck!  It has a very authentic strawberry jam filling, and the dough complimented the jam so well.


Doughnut Vault

    This donut shop had a line, and operates from the “open until sold out” mentality, so when I saw how long the line was I got nervous.  By the time we got inside they had sold out of gingerbread and birthday cake flavors already, but they still had Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chestnut.  This donut was by far the best of the trip, it was so fluffy but full at the same time and because the glaze covered almost the entire donut every bite was as satisfying as the first one!  My favorite flavor was the Vanilla, because it’s a true Vanilla bean glaze.