Hobby Horse

Typically when people ask me what my hobby is, I say music.  Music is my life, and I love it, but only recently did I realize the benefit of having a hobby as well as a career, and that it’s okay to be passionate about both.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve gained a tunnel vision when it comes to accomplishing goals, which is an asset, but recently I needed a moment of clarity and I went for a drive.  At first my internal dialogue sounded like this, “This is a waste of time”, “There are so many other things I could be doing right now”, but I kept driving.  After about 15 minutes I realized how important it is to have balance.  When I realized this I thought that getting a hobby might be a great thing because it would give my mind time to recharge and allow me to be even more creative.  When I opened myself back up to the option of a hobby I was immediately pulled back in to something I’ve loved for a long time…being an equestrian.  What’s something you do just for the love of it?