Best Spots in LA


Atmosphere is so much a part of what makes a space in LA, and I have two favorite lunch spots from this trip that I have to share.  One has been a long time favorite of mine, and the other is brand new to me, but has risen right to the top of my LA must do list for whenever I”m in town. Two of my favorites are:


The Alcove

As soon as we walked up, I already loved this place.  It had shading provided by umbrellas, trees, and greenery.  The setting was intimate but casual, and the food and drinks are delectable.  I’ll definitely be making this place a staple on my visits to LA, it was a tranquil space great for chatting with friends in the California sunshine. 


This is my place when I go to LA.  I fell in love with it years ago, before I ever lived in Los Angeles and it’s the kind of goodness I dream about from Nashville.  The cuisine is cuban inspired and the delights from the bakery are the perfect blend of airy croissant and delicious filling.