Girls Guide To Disney World - with 10 days of planning!

If you love the magic of Disney World like I do then you want to do it right, right? But some of us don't plan 180 days in advance (Ahem, thank you new fastpass system) so what's a girl with a ride/restaurant wishlist to do? Why hack the system of course! (no real computer hacking necessary)  I planned about 10 days in advance and I was able to hit all the cool rides, restaurants, and experiences my heart desired! So, here's my girls guide to Disney World.

Where To Stay

If you're going to be there multiple days, attempt to stay on property. This saves in parking, gas, and the resorts have lots of extras you and your family can take advantage of!  My nephews loved the pool options and also enjoyed the food options!

Save Some Cash

I brought water bottles for our entire group and it saved us on buying drinks at the hotel and at the parks! Disney provides free ice water at the restaurants and also at their resorts, this means we were staying hydrated, avoiding sugary beverages, and saying money, a grand slam in my opinion.

Fast Passes

The new fastness system is somewhat complicated, but if check it out before arrive to the park you will have a much better time.  Book fast passes for each day at the park in advance, because they fill up quick! Choose your favorite rides and get passes for those as early in the day as possible.  For any rides with fast passes already sold out, make those your first stop upon entering the park.  Once you've used your three fast passes that you booked online, find a fast pass kiosk and book new experiences! Keep in mind you can only book one at a time, this is why you want your first fast passes to occur early in the day.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

This is an interactive game that takes place in the Magic Kingdom and it's totally underrated! It's a great way to fill time while waiting for a fast pass to occur, or even when the lines get really long! If you're visiting the Magic Kingdom, make sure to check this feature out!

Dining Reservations

This is a tricky area, because the dining reservations book up waayyy in advance, BUT, I am happy to share my plan with you!  The reservations have to be cancelled 48 hours in advance, which means if you are desperate to dine with Cinderella, but the reservations are all full, try checking 48 hours before your desired reservation time.  People who wanted to dine but then changed their minds will have to do so by this time to avoid being charged and their change in plans could be your gain!

Disney - DIY - Disney-Ify Yourself!

Part of the Disney Experience for me is getting to revisit my favorite movies, quotes, characters, and places in reality.  This is made even better when you become part of the experience by making pins, shirts, outfits, costumes, and getting involved!  I have another post with my Disney DIYS that you can see here!

What are your Walt Disney World tips and tricks?