Meet the Mind Behind Ivory Closet

I love meeting other women who are passionate about what they do, whether that's music, blogging, being a lawyer, or being a mother.  It's exciting to talk and connect with people who are excited about what they're working on.  Enter Alexandra from the Ivory Closet, an online boutique with physical retail stores based in Memphis, TN.  I was able to ask Alex a few questions that I thought might be beneficial for other women who are following their passion, and I'm going to share her answers with you!


1: I love that your such a "girl boss"! How did Ivory Closet come to be?

I used to work for a Fortune 500 company and honestly enjoyed climbing the corporate ladder but something felt missing. I felt like I was not challenged enough and was less than fulfilled. I would lay in bed at night and dream up tons of different business concepts, strategies, and marketing schemes. My mind was constantly creating. One day I realized it. I am made to be an entrepreneur. I need to be constantly challenged and creating.I decided that self employment would be my future and then needed to choose a business that I could succeed in, and well, fashion and beauty have always been my passion so I chose to start a women’s clothing store and later an online boutique!

2: Personal style is like a signature, how did you find yours?

I will definitely say that I always really had my own style growing up. I never really went with the trend, just what made me feel good and matched my personality.  As I look back on high school, there were several styles I am not super proud of, but I never cared what others thought, I always wanted to walk to my own beat. As I have gotten older, I have really come in to my style and have “found my style-self” I my go to’s are oversized button up tops with leggings, a-lined black dresses, nude pumps, black nikes, and oversized sunglasses…oh and red lipsticks! I showcase lots of different trends on my blog but the style I most identify with would be classic chic. 


3: You balance family and work so well, how do you do it?

Honestly, I have no clue….day by day, minute by minute? My days are always planned but NEVER go as planned. I have learned not to stress or try to finish my “list” anymore. I have also learned to tell myself, “Alex, you are only one person. You can’t please everyone. Just do your best and all will be well.” I used to get so bent out of shape if I forgot something or showed up late to an appointment but we are all human and “stuff” happens. Also, the best advice I give myself when I am totally at my breaking point, “It’s only life. Just chill."

4: What has been your greatest achievement as a business owner or influencer? (you can answer this from either perspective)

I think my greatest business achievement has been being Top 20 under 30 in my city, Memphis. I was really honored to be awarded this title in 2016 as I felt like for the first time, my hard work was being recognized by others in my community. As an entrepreneur, sometimes you work your behind off and find yourself wondering if it is paying off or if anyone even sees the work that you but in to your passion and business. This award really made me feel accomplished as a business woman in Memphis!

Alexandra nicole 1.jpg

5: What's your favorite musical album and why?

Right now…Half Moon Run. I just can’t get enough. They are a Canadian band that I discovered on Pandora. Hope I will hear them on mainstream American radio in the future!



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