Brown Thomas and Dublin Castle

After spending time in Belfast I was almost sad to leave because I found it so charming, but Dublin did not disappoint! It had a lively music scene in the pubs at night and a lot of history throughout the city, I'll be talking about that aspect in a later post, but there were two things in Dublin that I found made for a nice contrasting afternoon.

First we explored Dublin Castle in the heart of the city. Full of so much history, from the time that Dublin was invaded by England, up to it's present day existence.  The entire building was very imposing and the fact that it's now sandwiched in the middle of everything else in thriving downtown Dublin makes me a perfect stop to soak in some history.

In the afternoon we found ourselves in Brown Thomas, a luxurious department store with it's main entrance on Grafton Street, having high tea. The experience was decadent, especially when coupled with a visit to Dublin Castle.  We were surrounded by locals, which elevated the experience for me, and felt as though we'd stumbled into a locals spot.  The fare was light and refreshing with beautiful design touches throughout the experience.  Also, it was a champagne high tea...what could possibly be more fun?!